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Before discount products purchase

Please be sure to check below before you purchase discount products.

If include discount products,
If 21,600 yen or more (by calculation of including tax), Postage is 1,000 yen OFF by shopping once.

For the discount products, the possibility that the order of duplications with other customers happens will be higher more than usual products.
When out of stock of products occur, if you are thinking what you would like to change the product which is out of stock to other products, please be sure to select "Order again after changing the amount out of stock".

All of discount products will be excluded for the point issue or use, and the Novelty's present.

For the products that have not been displayed as "○○ %OFF", or that's price will be not changed when you put into the shopping cart, are all excluded for discount.

When we have received many orders, there is the case that we stop the shopping cart suddenly.

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