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(Except discount products) In 11,000 yen or more including tax calculation, Postage is 1,000 yen OFF

Terms of Use

Co., Ltd. is Petit Bambina (our company) provides terms of use, and, and we show that the following.
■ For Our Terms of Use
・We can change and add for this terms of use without telling.
・When you use this site, we consider that you agreed this terms of use and all of pages that relate to this site.

■ For the concept of the E-mail and the Contact Center on this site
・The E-mail and the Contact Center on this site are for our customers, not for traders.
・Even if there are any content, we do not reply to traders.
※ Also includes wholesale selling and mutual business.

■ For our services
・When you shop product(s) on our site, please order by the shopping cart.
・When you use our services, please fill out true information.
・Please be sure to order at the time your order was determined.
・You can not give the ID(E-mail) and password you have registered to a third party.
・For the ID(E-mail) and password you have registered, it is available to use by the customer who has registered these information only.

■ The expiration date of customer's information you registered
・The expiration date of customer's information you have registered is for 1 year from the last day you used our site.
※ If you register your ID on our Updated mail, unless you request us to stop that, your E-mail is registered eternally on our Updated mail.

・Also the expiration date of points is for 1 year from the last day you used our site.
・When we can not send an email to your registered ID(E-mail), the customer's information and the points are unavailable regardless of the expiration date of points.
・If it find that you transgress our terms of use, your information and your shopping points lapse immediately.

■ For the color of products are appeared on our HP
・Although we endeavor to shoot our product as same as possible to the real color, please understand that there is the possibility that appearance of color of each product are different for your using PC.
■ For indications of stocks of each products
A blue number of "()" that is diplayed on the detailed page of each products is the number of stock.
・For the product(s) has (have) the plural stocks, you can change the quantity in shopping cart by .

Because of the reasons below, even if you were able to put your hope product(s) into the shopping cart, there is the case that we can not offer your hope product(s) or your hope quantity.
・Stocks are not only for mail order, but also for our real shop.
・Depending on timing, there is the case that your order will be duplications with other customers to same product(s).

※ From above reasons, although there is a case that your ordered product(s) has (have) been sold out, please pardon us.

■ About cancellation, change, additional order reception after your order
About cancellation, change, additional order reception after your order,
we are able to accept only in the status that contents of "ご注文の処理" you can confirm on "Order search page" is "未処理" or "お返事待ち".
If the status is other, please understand that we can not accept at all because we will be complete the packing work.
※ If your order is mistaken contents, please contact us soon after you received "Order contents automatic confirmation e-mail" because we are not able to accept after we sent the final order confirmation email after we checked the stock.

■ We refuse the customers correspond following
・A person who the payment is delayed.
・A person who cancel the order suddenly while we prepare the delivery.
(Including the case that we can not prepare the delivery for a long time because he or she occured anything.)
・In the past deal, we feel a great anxiety about continuing a future deal.
・We determine that we have a distrust for the customer.

※ If we find a mischievous order, we report to the police and thoroughly investigate and pursue by customer's informations based on the log we can get.

■ Prohibitions in the use of this site
・We all prohibit following acts in the use of this site.
(1)An act that infringe on the rights of an other user, a third party, our property and an privacy. And we also prohibit the acts that infringe on the other customer and maybe infringe on the other customers.
(2)An act against public order and morals, a criminal act and maybe do that acts.
(3)An election campaign or that is similar act, and an act is connected with the other politics or religion.
(4)An act in order to get a commercial basis or in order to prepare this by releting to our site through our site without our recognizer.
(5)An act that slander or prevent our operation.
(6)An act that slander or prevent our business.
(7)An act that illegally using the ID(E-mail)or password.

■ Other
・We do not guarantee that our site is browsable and operatable well in all of surroundings.
・We do not take responsibility any damage you suffer when you are using our site.
・We do not do the service of sending the image at all regardless of the products are posted or not on our site.
・We do not accept any reservation, reserving and a back order.
・In the case of that many customers order the same product that has last 1 stock only, we choose the customer who has ordered earlier.
・We can not accept sudden change or cancelation about the orderd product because we do the same-day shipping as much as possible.
・For your settlement amount, we do not refund even if there is anything.
・We will not be involved in the trouble that occurred between the customer and the delivery company.
・For any damage that occured by stop or interruption of our site, we do not take responsible at all.
・When we determine that prevent our operation, we can keep the customer's informations even if the customer does not would like to register.
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