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尺寸指南 尺寸指南 크기의 기준 サイズの目安

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Size Guide

The criterion of the age of children and size
Please refer as a guide for your purchase.
(These are criterion for children in Japan.)
(Size of HatsSize of Shoes)
Age of child Clothing size
Newborn 70cm(6 months)
1 year old 80cm
2 years old 90cm
3 years old 95cm
3-4 years old 100cm
5-6 years old 110cm
7-8 years old 120cm
9-10 years old 130cm
11-12 years old 140cm
13-14 years old 150cm
15-16 years old 160cm
17-18 years old 170cm

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Size Guide of Hats
Age of child Size of Hats
Newborn - 6 months 42-46cm
1-2 years old 48cm
2-3 years old 50cm
3-4 years old 52cm
4-6 years old 54cm
Over 7 years old 56cm

Size Guide of Shoes

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