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免稅 면세 免税対応 / China UnionPay(銀聯カード)

(Except discount products) In 10,800 yen or more including tax calculation, Postage is 1,000 yen OFF

About Tax Free & China UnionPay

Tax-free shop

In the case of online for overseas

When you order by an international delivery, total amount is included Japanese consumption tax because of the system.
But we will tell you the actual total amount except Japanese consumption tax when we reply a mail of the stock.
*:In the case of the delivery to Japan from our shop once, it is not a Tax-Free.
*:There is a possibility that the tariffs, import taxes, customs fees occurs in the country receive.

In the case of shopping on real shop
Our real shop has become a regular Tax-free shop.
(2-12-20 ACHI KURASHIKI-SHI Okayama-ken 710-0055 JAPAN)

Therefore, if you're shopping at our real shop, it will be Tax-free when it meets the following conditions.

Conditions of Tax Free

You need purchase 5,000 yen (not included tax) or more.

Passport is required

Staying in Japan is 6 months less than

About "Tax Free Products"

・"Tax Free Products" Of Purchased.
When departing, please carry always.
If that is not in your possession prior to departure, you will be required to pay consumption tax.

・Prior to departure, please show the customs officer the tax free product(s) purchased as well as the "Record of Purchase of Consumption Tax-Exempt for Export Slip" attached to your passport.
Tax-free shop
Japan. Tax-free Shop List of Okayama-ken

You can use "China UnionPay Card"
China UnionPay Card if you want to use "China UnionPay Card" in the mail order, please choose payment method "PayPal".
Our real shop in Kurashiki Japan has a "China UnionPay Card Compatible Terminal". So, even when you visit us in tourism, you can use that card.
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