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(Except discount products) In 11,000 yen or more including tax calculation, Postage is 1,000 yen OFF

Frequently Asked Questions

About the products

■ About the products
Are your handling products new ?
All of the products we sell are only new and certified products that we directly bought from each regular manufacturers.
And we are the authorized shop of each manufacturers. So, please be assured.

Is it possible to back order, reserve or keep products ?
We are sorry, but we do not accept all of these services.

If buy many items, do you have a discount ?
We are sorry, but we cannot do special discount at all, regardless of the amount of money or number of your purchase in our store.

Can you send me the image of products ?
We are sorry, but we cannot do sending the image of products to customer individually.

■ To order
Can I order by telephone or FAX ?
We are sorry, but our reception of order is only the way via our shopping cart.

What do I do if I want to order ?
You use a "shopping cart" when you order on our site. About the way to order, please see the following.

Step:1 Click the brand button you want to see the products on our site.

Step:2 Click the button or the image of a product on the list.

Step:3 The screen moves individual screen of the product, and choose and click your hoping contents (color or size etc...), and click the button.

Step:4 The screen turns the cart. Please check the details of your selected products.

Please see the below because we describe how to order after adding the products to cart.

View the details of your selected products.
・Click the <MY CART> on the top of the screen.
And then, the screen turns the screen of details of your selected products.

Move to the selection screen of the payment method.
・Click the "Payment method selection".
The screen turns the selection screen of the payment method, and if you have registered your customer information, please enter registered your ID and password.
The customer who unregistered or don't need registration, please proceed leave blank.)
And, please proceed to "NEXT PAGE" after click a payment method button.

Move to the order paper screen.
・Proceed to the confirmation screen after filling out the necessary information.
If there is no mistake in the contents, please click the button.
"Order contents automatic confirmation e-mail" will be sent soon.
And then, acceptance of your order will be complete.

About the our reply for your order.
・We will reply you by email as soon as we can check the stock.

■ Product does not enter the cart
I cannot enter the product into the shopping cart.
Our shopping cart uses the function that is called "cookie" of browser and your selected products are displayed by this function.
Therefore, in the case of that cookie is not valid in your browser, every time you enter the products into the cart, the previous contents of products will be lost, or the state of shopping cart will be empty when you see the shopping cart.

The setting method is different by the version of the browser, so please check it by following contents.

・Setting of the PC
Search "cookie settings" in yahoo.
(or following setting way:)

■ For Google Chrome
Please check on Chrome Help.

■ For Internet Explorer
1. Select "tool"→"Internet Option" on browser menu.
2. Click the "Privacy" button.
3. Check the "Override automatic Cookie handling", check the "Cookie First-party" and "accept".
4. Click "OK" and close the "detail screen of privacy settings".
Click "Internet Options screen" and "Apply" and click "OK".

■ For Safari on Macintosh
1. Select "Preferences" from the Safari "Safari" menu.
2. Click the "Security", and check accepting the Cookie to "always accept".

■ For Firefox browser
Click "tool"→"option"→"privacy"→"cookie"→ change a period of cookie storage to "to close Firefox".

・In the case of Chrome
Tap Chrome → Tap the menu (three dots) → Settings → Site Settings → Cookies → allow Cookies

・(In the case of Safari) iPhone
Home screen → Settings → Safari → accept Cookie

If you have done the setting of "cookie", but product does not enter the cart.

■ Product does not enter the cart (after have done the setting of "cookie", too)
I have done the setting of "cookie", but product does not enter the cart.
If you have done the setting of "cookie", but product does not enter the cart,
there is the possibility that you can resolve this case by deleting the following all web sites data of your computer terminal.
(In this case, please note that your login data for all web sites data what you have been using will be backed to the state of unlogin once.)

Especially, this case frequently happens when of using smartphone, therefore we describe the way to set on your smartphone.

■ In the case of iPhone (Safari)
1.Tap the "Settings" button from "Home" - Scroll down to "Safari".
2.Tap on "Clear History and Website Data". ...
3.Click the "Home" button to go back to your "Home" Screen.
4.Restart your device by turning it off and then on again.

■ In the case of Android(Chrome)
1.Open Chrome.
2.Tap the menu (three dots).
3.Tap History and then Clear browsing data.
4.Next to "History" and "Cookies and site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes and tap Clear data.

■ About the postage (Shipping cost) for International Shipping
Can I see about the postage (Shipping cost) before my order for international shipping ?
You can see the estimated shipping cost for selected items in the "Order paper (Confirmation screen)" of shopping cart.
And, you can also see that by how to below.
■ MY CART → Click "Calculate the Estimated Postage of EMS" on bottom in shopping cart.
■ MY CART → Click "Payment method selection" → Click "You can calculate the Estimated Postage of EMS from current estimated total weight" in the part of "About the postage" on the page of Payment method selection.

However, this is only estimated calculation, is not accurate contents.
So, please note for below before your order.
*:There is the case that the accurate total weight will be heavier or lighter because of the size of each product or packing method.
Therefore, please understand that there is the case that the accurate postage of EMS we tell you will be got higher or cheaper.

■ Novelty pt
What is the novelty pt ?
Please see below for the novelty pt.

We present novelty as the gift depending on the purchase price of the products of list price.
(The novelty is not the product for sale but the gift that each brands prepares for sales promotion.)

We display the novelty pt on our shopping cart for that you can easily check "how much I need to get hoping novelty".

However you can use this novelty pt only for one order, and you cannot do accumulation.
Because of this, you cannot carry over this novelty pt at all.

*:The following choices will be displayed on the order paper when you choose the novelty.

Order additional products to reach the amount of money shortfall:
In the case of that you selected products for the amount of money of your hope novelty, and if the amount of money shortfall for your hope novelty occured by out of stock of some products after we checked the stock of your ordered products,
the customer who want to order additional products to reach the amount of money shortfall, please select this.

Our shop chooses the novelty according to the amount of money:
Even if the state that we cannot offer your hope novelty occured by out of stock of some products,
If the customer who it is OK that you especially do not order additional products and our shop chooses the novelty according to the amount of money, please select this.

■ For ID and password
What are a password and an ID ?
Please see below for a password and an ID.
(When you order, if you have not registered or don't need registration for your customer information, please proceed with leaving blank for the place of a password and an ID.)

When you would like to issue the points on our site,
you need to register your customer information and to determine your ID (E-mail) and password by yourself.

There are some attention points when you register your ID (E-mail).
So, please see below.

*:Customer can register only one ID(E-mail) per one person.
Our site chooses the one ID(E-mail) when the same customer registers plural ID (E-mail).
(In that case, we do not tell.)

*:If you would like to change the ID(E-mail) you have already registered, please click the button of ID(E-mail) of information browsing screen on customer information page.

*:In the case that we cannot send an email to the ID(E-mail) you have already registered or we judged that ID(E-mail) is unavailable, we delete the your whole data.

*:The expiration date of customer's information you have registered is 1 year from the last day you used our site.
Therefore, that information is deleted automatically when it has passed 1 year from the last day you used our site.

■ When out of stock of products occur
For the case your ordered product is sold out, we ask the customers about how our shop do preparation of shipment for your order when you order.

Please see the explanation about choices below.

Shipping only product with the stock:
If your ordered product is out of stock, we finally accept your order by only the products we were able to prepare the stock.

Note:There is usually not the case that the products which are out of stock will be re-stocked.

Order again after changing the amount out of stock:
In the case of that your ordered product is out of stock, if you would like to change the product which is out of stock to other products, please select this.

To cancel all:
In the case of that your ordered product is out of stock, if you would like to cancel all products once, please select this.

■ Buttons on the cart
Please see the following about some buttons are displayed on the cart .

For buttons that are displayed on the cart:

・"Edit your registration"
Moves to the screen to edit the information of customer's registration. (your address etc...)

The number of products you choose will be changed.

・"Empty in the basket"
Inside of the cart will be empty.

・"Payment method selection"
Moves to the screen to select the payment method.

・"Additonal order"
In the case of that there is the order No. that you have ordered and we have not done packing yet, you can do additional order by using the shopping cart.

■ About Campaign code
In the case of that Campaign code limited the terms has been set, "The text box for entering the Campaign code" like below will be displayed on our shopping cart.

When you click the button of "Completed entering" after entered the Campaign code we have set, the campaign will be applied.
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